Nov 4, 2008

Track Time

It appears I’m well on the way to getting back on track writing-wise.

Yes, I suffered a minor set-back when my sister came to visit yesterday, but I got back to it last night and made some decent progress. I even managed to update my word count on the NaNo site, although I still can’t access the forums.

In between fits and starts of writing I’ve been sneaking over to the AW site to hang out a bit on the NaNo thread over there (no problem logging in here!) just to see how everyone else is doing so far. Some good, some bad, some you really have to wonder if they’re cheating when they show word counts of 10 or 15 thousand words after only 3 days. I know it’s possible, but still!

The hard part about Nano is to write and not look back. And if you do look back, not to fix what you see.

I was talking to the friend that I talked into joining Nano the first year I joined. I ran out of story at 33,000 words that year, but she completed hers. This year I’ve been making slow, but steady progress and she’s just figured out her plot. I’d let myself enjoy the fact that I’ve got the jump on her, but she’s probably going to end up kicking my ass again.

The point is, it takes all kinds to Nano, and it ain’t over until November 30 when the word counts are in.

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