Nov 1, 2008

Happy All Souls Day

If you’d like to read my Hallowe’en post on vampires, go HERE .

I have spent the last week, week and a half, writing a novel . . . in my head. This novel is complete from start to finish. I know the characters, I know the motivations, I know how it begins and how it ends, I even know what goes on in the middle. However, every time I go to write it down, my fingers lock up. It’s like I’m under some kind of magic spell that only allows me to think about writing it.

To date I have written down the name of the female main character (it came to me in a burst of inspiration), the title, and exactly one line of text. Right now the male main character’s name eludes me - in my head I keep referring to him as “Ape” because that’s what the crazy old woman who’s holding him prisoner calls him. The crazy old woman is not named either, and probably won’t get a name.

The sad part is, this is a good story. I just need to get it written down.

I’ve been waffling these last few weeks over whether to NaNo or not. I still am. Part of me says: “This novel is a sign. The reason you weren’t able to write it on paper is that it’s saving itself for NaNo” while another part of me wonders if I really need the pressure.

On the other hand, I read some of the replies to a post about whether NaNo is a good idea over on AW and one of the old timers brought up a very good point. Writers often have to write under pressure to meet targets or deadlines. NaNo can be a good test for anyone with the desire to write for a living.

Fifty thousand words in one month. That’s about two thousand words a day. Looking back in my posts I see that I was able to manage that kind of progress in the month of September . . . I have to wonder though, what happened to October?

On the other hand, this year is perfect for me. I'm not working, and other than getting the ball rolling so I can go back to school, I really don't have much on the go this month. I have the time, but do I have the inclination?

See what I mean? Waffling.

Sigh. I guess I’ll never know if I don’t take the plunge.

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