Nov 25, 2008

Nano, Day 25

I must admit today's wordage wasn't as good as it's been lately.

In the morning I did a thorough house cleaning and in the afternoon my daughter was home for a job interview. I didn't even crack my lap top open until late in the afternoon, and then didn't start any writing until the evening when my daughter went to a friend's house to watch NCIS. Truthfully, I didn't really get going until she went to bed at 11.

So, I only did about 1,000 words today, but that's okay. I'm still ahead of the game and any words are better than no words.

Now that I'm so close I don't think I'm going to update my Nano counter again until I'm ready to use the Nano validation to become a winner. I've seen the little web badges and I wants one!

1 comment:

CJ Harley said...

It's time to push it these last few days of NaNo. I have seen the badges too and I must have one. :o)