Where I Work

This is my office where the magic happens:

My desk originally had a hutch attached to it, but as nice as all that storage space was, it meant I had to sit with my back to everyone (which I hate) or turned the other way it was like I was in a cubicle (which I also hated). So I ripped the hutch off. :-)

That nice clear space on the desk is where my lap top goes. And you can see just one of the six bookcases I have in my office. I have one more that size, then three that are the same width only they're six feet high, and one under my window that's a little shorted, but it's ninety-six inches wide.

Unfortunately, my office doesn't always look this neat and tidy. More often than not, this is what it really looks like:

Which is why I usually do my writing here:

Notice the pile of books on the right (okay, I think they're hidden under a bag of wool). And tucked away on the left where you can't see it is another small table with the phone, a bunch of pens, a glass for my water and a coaster for my cup of tea. And sitting on the floor between the table and the couch is my bag of crocheting. Also over there somewhere is the remote for the television, which is nestled in the corner directly opposite my chair.

All the comforts of home. :-)