Jun 3, 2013

Medicaster Monday

medicaster ~ quack; charlatan

Monday again? Already? It's amazing how fast time passes when you're not paying attention. :-)

The weather has been pretty dicey lately. One day it's hot and humid, the next it's overcast, then sunny and cold, then hot with rain. . . . But the danger of frost has passed so on the weekend I finally got flowers in the gardens.

Every year I forget just how wide my front garden is, until I'm crouching/kneeling down filling it with plants, that is. Six flats of petunias, planted one by one. My gluteous maximus is still complaining. ;-)

But I swore I would get my plants in, come rain or shine, and I got both. It was late afternoon when I started, which meant no shade (and the mosquitoes had an unholy attraction to my sunscreen), and when I was down to just half a dozen plants it started to rain. Just a light rain at first, so I kept going. By the time I was done it was a downpour. Even Daphne and Donald, my two ducky friends who'd wandered into the front yard from elsewhere in the neighborhood, gave up and wandered off again. I was already soaked to the skin so I did the smaller gardens in the back as well. The rain started to let up as I finished, and I was covered in mud, but it's done and all that's left is the maintenance.

I have partially caught up on my Goodreads. *sigh* I was keeping track on a list of the ebooks I read at the beginning of the year, so I updated my Goodreads with them. However, I know I've missed a few ebooks, and I haven't kept track of my paper books at all. This is going to take some work. But once I'm caught up I'll make a concentrated effort to update as I read.

I'm rather annoyed that I still can't get my Goodreads and Facebook to match up. The first time I tried, Facebook created a whole new Goodreads account for me. I thought I needed the names on the two accounts to match up, but apparently it's the email accounts that need to match. Is it worth the trouble? I haven't decided yet.

Blog Stuff For the Week:

Tuesday: Part five in my series on the Major Arcana of the Tarot will be The Emperor. There's part of me that wants to re-number the installments of this series because the card numbers and the part numbers don't match.
A new Hump Day Hunk for your viewing pleasure.
Thursday: Chapter 69 of Water. Will Ravi and Taja reach Nereida in time?
Friday: This week's Random Ramblings is so secret even I don't know what it will be. ;-)

Other Stuff For the Week

Didn't get my research on volcanoes done last week, so that moves up the priority list for this week. I'm hoping I'll finally get some use on that set of Geology books I bought from Reader's Digest years ago.

Busy week ahead. I've started getting my writing mojo back so I'll be catching up with my writing and editing. I've been a bit of a slacker lately and it's high time I pulled up my socks.

Among other things I have the genre story I was supposed to write for my writing group - since it was my idea in the first place, I kind of feel obligated to write it. My genre was horror and I have to write it to a picture prompt. I can't remember the kernel of an idea I had for it, so I'll just have to come up with a new one. ;-)

And again, I'm signed up for the monthly AW blog chain. This month's prompt is bugs. I actually did some research on scary bugs and all I can say is: ewww! It's enough to make me want to seal myself inside the house for the rest of my life! It would really be nice to have this piece done ahead of time for a change instead of scrambling for an idea at the last minute.

And I think I'm going to do a project list or a weekly to do list and print it out, or print a couple of them out, to post where I can see it so I don't forget what I'm supposed to be working on.

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