Jun 28, 2013

Random Ramblings

Here's the thing. I know I said on Monday that today's Ramble was going to be on social media and socializing, but in honour of the holiday weekend (for we Canadians anyway) I'd like to share a love story with you.

This is Daphne and Donald:

If you're a regular reader of this blog, then you know Daphne and Donald have been visitors to our house for years now. They arrive every spring, visiting the tarp covering our pool a couple of times a day for a few weeks, then spend the rest of the summer elsewhere. I'm assuming that they disappear because they need to stand watch over a nest of eggs in a better location.

Some years (like this year) a second male tries to tempt Daphne, but Donald always manages to chase him away.

Now normally, after the tarp comes off the pool, they'd try the pool for a couple of days and then stick to the small pond in the back of our yard. This makes sense when you think about it, the chlorine in the pool is there to kill off any insect life, and when the pool is cleaned it sucks out any seeds and what have you that the ducks would feed on.

But apparently, Daphne and Donald have developed a tolerance, if not a liking, for chlorine. Not only are they still visiting, they seem to enjoy having a bath in the nice, formerly clean, water. Here's a picture I took of them earlier today in one of their yoga poses:

Now we come to the love story part. Daphne always arrives first, with Donald following behind, and I know why. It's not the pool she's so fond of, it's my husband.

She arrived by herself last night just as my hubby finished cutting the grass, landing in the pool. I stood at the deck door and watch as she splashed herself with water, having a bath as it were. My hubby started complaining about ducks in general, and he wasn't going to all the trouble of keeping the pool clean just so the ducks could use it, etc., etc.

As soon as she heard my hubby's voice, Daphne swam right over to where he was (with his back to the pool). Then she swam along behind him as he walked around the pool. She stayed for a little while after he went into the house, alternately swimming around and resting on the edge, but when he didn't come back outside she flew away.

Clearly, Daphne's in love with my husband.

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